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Meditation With Music: 8 Ways Music Improves The Effects Of Meditation

Music Improves The Effects Of Meditation

Should you meditate while listening to music? Some people will say no, while others will say yes. But who should you listen to? We feel like the people who are saying yes are on to something.

Listening to music while meditating can help you focus better and also reduce your stress levels. With the help of music, you can ground yourself and find inner peace.

That's not all. The combination of music and meditation will help you in the following ways:

How Can Music Help You During Meditation?

Music has a lot of positive associations with meditation. Some of the most notable are:

1. Helps You Meditate Deeply

Meditation is an activity that helps find inner peace. Now, if you add music to it, that feeling will only improve. This is because music improves your cognitive abilities and allows you to focus better.

Know that if you are trying out meditation for the first time and fail to reach the place of peace, then it's advised that you try listening to calming music. It will allow you to focus on something and slow down your breathing. As a result, you will be able to sink into the deeper planes of calmness.

2. Helps Heal Your Mind

Meditation helps heal your mind and soul. It will allow you to gain a greater insight into your thoughts, and as such, you will be able to figure out the solution to your problems. After all, meditation is a common medicine prescribed to people who suffer from anxiety and stress.

Now, if you add music to meditation, your mind, as well as body, will be able to heal more completely. Know that there have been plenty of studies that have shown the positive and healing effects of music on surgery patients.

So, it will help strengthen the connection between the mind and your body. As a result, you will be able to heal physically and mentally. However, don't just play any music. Always incorporate soft, lilting, and gentle music in the background.

3. Helps In Improving Concentration

Many people have a misconception about meditation- that it means concentration. But that’s not true. Meditation doesn’t mean attempting intense concentration.

Actually, meditation involves slipping into a tranquil plane of consciousness. But note that meditation, on the other hand, will help you concentrate better. 

So if you are having trouble concentrating at work, meditation can help you focus better. Also, having great concentration powers will allow you to maintain better relationships. As a result, you will succeed in your professional and personal life.

4. Helps Increase Your Attention Span

Along with helping you concentrate, meditation with music will help you improve your attention span as well. So you will be able to carry on the task without distracting yourself.

A study found that just meditating for short periods, like only 10-13 minutes each, improves attention spans for 7-8 weeks. A little tip: choose music that will help you slip into a meditative state and not a contemplative one.

So don’t choose a song that brings out intense emotions, instead select one that will help you de-stress.

5. Helps You Fight Addictions

This might seem surprising to many, but meditation with music will help you overcome addiction issues. Know that meditation is a mental discipline that induces you to calm down and face your emotions.

So, meditating will help you reach that place where you can evaluate your actions, know your triggers, and try to break away from them. However, in the beginning, meditation in silence might not be possible for addicts.

This is where music can come in and give them something else to focus on. So this attention diversion will help break the chain of thoughts that were only focused on getting the next dose.

6. Helps You Remain Calm During New Experiences

Plenty of people suffer from anxiety, but there is a specific kind of anxiety associated with trying out new things. This is common and expected for anyone to be anxious while they are venturing into a new job.

However, that stomach-churning, the heart-rate increasing feeling isn't something that anyone likes. But you can combat this unsettling feeling with meditation and music.

It will help you calm and settle yourself down. Know that you don't need to sit down in the lotus posture for meditation. Just sit in a chair and let the music transport you to your peaceful place.

7. Helps Balance Inner Emotions

A person with a balanced mind and emotions will be able to face problems head-on. But not everyone can find this delicate equilibrium every day in their lives. Now, this is where meditation can help.

Meditation with music will allow you to reach a place of tranquility that will enable you to assess your feelings and emotions. As such, you will move a step closer to reconciling your thoughts. So you will be able to get closure from your tumultuous thoughts and achieve a more emotional balance in life.

Know that a person with well-balanced emotions will be able to maintain healthy relationships. Also, it will allow them to heal from wounds- physical, mental, and emotional, quicker.

8. Helps Induce Better Sleep

Getting 8 hours of sleep is important if you want to lead a balanced life. But in this fast-track modern life where the 'grind' is glorified, that's often not possible.

After all, we all know the feeling of staring at the ceiling at night while tackling various emotions as you search for the ever-elusive sleep. But meditation will help you here. It will help reduce restlessness, stress, anxiety, and other feelings that prevent you from calming down.

However, if those emotions are too overwhelming, then you can add music to your meditation. This will give you something to focus on other than intrusive emotions. So, a little meditation with music will allow you to get a full night's sleep.  Meditation is a process that improves the mental and emotional health of an individual. But not everyone can slip into the meditative plane easily. Now, that’s where music can come in and help by acting as a point of focus. Due to this, the transition from the material to the spiritual realm becomes easier.

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