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Why Is Lo-Fi Hip Hop A Booming Sensation?

Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, chances are that you must have seen the phrase "Lo-Fi hip hop beats to relax or work/study to” floating about. These 2 to 3-hour long music playlists consist of low-fidelity or Lo-Fi music that aims to lull you into a productivity trance.

Now, this kind of calming music isn't new to the scene. People have always searched for sounds and music that will allow them to relax and destress. But the question is- why is this particular genre of music gaining such traction right now?

Why Is Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music Seeing A Boom Right Now?

One short web search will reveal that such Lo-Fi music has existed for a solid decade. But it is only in 2020 that it has gained mass popularity. The answer behind this late bloom can be single-handedly attributed to the pandemic.

After all, we are all stuck at home almost 24/7. A lot of us are working and living at home constantly. This combined with rare social interactions and a constant news feed of gradually worsening global political situations is a recipe for high-stress levels.

Such a daily barrage of negative news creates a deadly stress and an anxiety-filled doomsday spiral that doesn't allow us to complete our assigned jobs. Here's where Lo-Fi music intervenes. With its subtle atmospheric sounds, the sizzle of dust on vinyl, hissing sounds, etc., this genre of music creates soothing distorted looped beats that help us concentrate.

Most people describe Lo-Fi music as predictable and soothing. It generates monotonous and mellow feelings that break our anxious thoughts and allows us to get our job done. The effectiveness of these beats has been proven scientifically as well.

What Do Scientists Say About The Lulling Effect Of These Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats?

An interview with scientists about the soothing Lo-Fi hip hop music revealed that the blandness and predictability of this kind of music is the secret ingredient. This wordless music with strange beats and sounds lulls the unsuspecting brain into a productivity trance.

It can be said that this music has successfully achieved the perfect work balance. As in, it doesn't make you feel sleepy, and neither does it make you feel anxious. It's neither too fast, and neither is it too slow. Also, it's not interesting enough to focus on it, and neither is it boring enough to make you forget it.

Know that this effect only gets created when you play these beats in a repetitive loop. Music professor Victor Szabo says that the music doesn't demand the listener's attention. Instead, it allows listeners to focus on something else without getting surprised.

He uses the word 'cocooning' to describe this music. The Lo-Fi music successfully wraps you in a soft sound that protects you from the harsh external world. So if you want to destress and relax your nerves while completing your work, try out one of these lo-fi music tracks.

Top 5 Best Lo-Fi Music Playlists

The Lo-Fi hip hop music genre is certainly booming with channels dedicated to providing this kind of music garnering millions of subscribers. In fact, one of the most popular youtube channels called Lo-Fi Girl (previously called Chilled Cow) has earned more than 8 million subscribers till now.

But obviously, not all of them are great. So, here we will give you a curated list of the top 5 Spotify Lo-Fi hip hop playlists that you can chill or work to.

  1. The Bootleg-Boy 2

In our search to provide something unique, we came across this interesting playlist. The list consists of more than 50 tracks from rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, J.Cole, etc. The hip-hop beats here have been remixed in a Lo-Fi style that will allow you to get your work done in peace.

  • Amplitude

If you want to feel something more than the usual lull while listening to Lo-Fi tracks, then this is the one you should try out. Know that this jazzy playlist will make you dance (but only a little).

So if you are looking to get some housework or homework done, this is the ideal playlist to click play on. Also, each track here is around 2 hours long. So you are all set for long evenings at your house.

  • Lo-Fi Girl

No Lo-Fi hip hop beats list will be complete without having Lo-Fi Girl on it. After all, they first started this phenomenon. Also, they have the most listened to Lo-Fi tracks as well. This channel has endless playlists which you can listen to repetitively for a long.

Lo-Fi Girl has music by artists like Matt Quentin, j'san, Cammie, Idealism, and more. The vibe of their playlists is mellow and strong without being overbearing. So this creates the ideal atmosphere to get your work done in.

  • Feardog

Are you looking to get lost in something dreamy? Then Feardog (contrary to their name) is here to provide that. Their playlist is perfect if you have a long night or silent drive to cover.

It will help you remain in focus while still making you feel swirling emotions. It's the perfect mix to bid sleep goodbye for long hours. The 50+ song mixes present on this playlist will keep you dreaming while awake.

  • Luvwn- Lo-Fi and Chill Hip Hop

If you are looking to complete that assignment due at midnight or the office work which your boss needs tomorrow, then try out this playlist. Luvwn succeeds in creating a playlist that we can best describe as 'chill zen.'

The opening track of the playlist is titled ‘Inaudible’ by Philanthrope and Mommy. It creates a lull that will soothe you, but it won't distract you. In fact, the playlist will create an accompanying atmospheric sound that will let you get your work done in peace.

As such, if you are looking for cocooning music that will wrap you up in a safe dreamy blanket, keep you safe and sound from the hectic and harsh world, then Lo-Fi hip hop is the music that you should try out. 

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