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Why Is Lo-Fi Hip Hop A Booming Sensation?

Whether you are on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, chances are that you must have seen the phrase “Lo-Fi hip hop beats to relax or work/study to” floating about. These 2 to 3-hour long music playlists consist of low-fidelity or Lo-Fi music that aims to lull you into a productivity trance. Now, this kind of calming […]

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Lullabies: Do These Work And Which Kind Of Lullabies Are The Most Effective?

Parents have been singing lullabies for eons to put distressed and sleepy-eyed babies to sleep or at least calm them down. But new, sleepless, and tired parents might be more skeptical of lullabies. However, lullabies have been scientifically proven to work. Let us find out how: Do Lullabies Work? A scientific study by a Université […]

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Meditation With Music: 8 Ways Music Improves The Effects Of Meditation

Music Improves The Effects Of Meditation Should you meditate while listening to music? Some people will say no, while others will say yes. But who should you listen to? We feel like the people who are saying yes are on to something. Listening to music while meditating can help you focus better and also reduce […]

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The Inseparable Relation of Music with Yoga

The Mind Meld Between Yoga And Music Whether it is at a party or a music festival, music always makes us sway and go with its flow. From the hard beats of a music festival to the soft lilting music that envelops a yoga session, music undoubtedly affects us. After all, music gets into the […]

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